Pilgrims on the way to Santiago carry a pilgrim passport called a Credential. This shows their status as a pilgrim and allows them to stay in the refuges, albergues and hostals along the Way. The Credential is also required to receive a Compostela (certificate) when reaching Santiago. Places along the pilgrimage trail create their own unique stamps, and some are quite beautiful. We will be creating a lovely Sello for The Stone Boat, one that will be used to stamp the pilgrim passports once we open. All who donate will receive an archival print of the sello via the post. (The print is included with stones, slates, room, mentoring and quests, so please remember to include your mailing address if you would like to have one.)


Hermit Stone from the Valley of Silence

This winter, I traveled to the other side of the mountain to a special place called the Valley of Silence, in the area known as the Land of the Hermits. On my hike to the hermit cave (cueva), I was inspired to collect these small slate pieces, not knowing at the time what they were for. I have 32 of these small slates. These small talismans are a sweet reminder to connect with your inner hermit - and silence - as often as possible.


Poetry Slates

slates copy.jpg

This winter, I apprenticed as a pastora (shepherdess) in mountain village of Foncebadon. On long walks with the sheep and dogs, I collected beautiful pieces of slate. Some had been used for the roofs of houses, long since crumbled. There are three sizes to choose from, Medium, Large and grande - and have slightly different shapes. There are a certain number available of each on the gofundme page under the ‘rewards’ section. 

  • First: Choose the size you would like - medium, large or grande on the gofundme rewards section and follow that through.
  • Second: When you are ready to choose your piece, click on this link  or at the top of this page to go to the slates/poems and choose your favorite poem. If you can’t decide, don’t worry, you have time, stay tuned to the facebook and gofundme page where I will be uploading new ones as I make them. When you have chosen yours send me an email soulfulroad@gmail.com or you can connect through the form on the contact page here on the website. Make sure to claim yours on the gofundme page as there are a limited number available. 

    Click here to see the poems ...

* The bigger ones are quite heavy, but international shipping is already included into the donativo price. You will also receive the sello print with your poetry slate. 


1 night stay at the house in rabanal

One night stay at the house (includes breakfast and laundry).

You may purchase as many as you like - stay for a few days, come stay after you complete your journey, apply towards upcoming writer’s workshops or other retreats. Gift certificates are also available if you are inspired to give as gift to a pilgrim who will be making their Camino in the future.  



Mentoring / preparation for your camino


Do you feel called to the Camino, but not sure where to start? We will work together from a heart-centered space to prepare you for your journey based on your individual intention and needs. This includes help with planning for the practical - travel, packing list, guidebook, pilgrim passport/credential, as well as spiritual preparation to help to deepen the experience. This mentoring package includes Skype call/emails to prepare for the journey, 3 nights here at the house in Rabanal, support during the journey as well as post-Camino integration. If you have any questions, send me an email at soulfulroad@gmail.com or through the contact page on this site. Suggested to fly into Madrid/with bus transfer to Astorga and will arrange for you to be picked up. After your stay here in Rabanal to prepare, you may begin at any point along the Camino. (To allow for plenty of time to set your date for your journey, may be used up until December 1, 2020)


Hero/Heroine's Journey 14-day quest to Santiago de Compostela

Your choice of 2-3 days here in Rabanal and then 11-12 days to Santiago walking an average of 22 km each day, and can be adjusted for your individual needs. We will work together on your itinerary and preparations, but you will be walking on your own, at your own pace. This offering includes the Mentoring package listed above, a guidebook, credential/pilgrim passport, Spanish cellphone to use if you need, support via email/telephone while on the Road.

Suggest to arrive in Madrid and then bus/train to Astorga where you will be picked up and brought to The Stone Boat in Rabanal. You may stay either 2 or 3 days here at the house where you can rest up from your flight and prepare for the walking part of your journey. The evening before you begin, attend Vespers with the Benedictine monks and receive your pilgrim blessing. At sunrise the next morning, it is 8 km to the Cruz de Ferro where you leave your stone, and then westward from there. 

Email and phone support are available to you while on the road if necessary. * Includes all accommodations (single occupancy) in pensions, hostals, hotels and casa rurals. This itinerary is based on my previous Heroine’s Journey Guided Group Quest. This option is also wonderful for those who have made the camino previously. The above spaces can also be booked as a group if you would like to make the journey with family or friends, we can work together to make special arrangements in this case. Send me an email at soulfulroad@gmail or through the contact page to schedule a skype/phone call to talk. (To allow for plenty of time to set your date for your journey, may be used up until December 1, 2020)

All contributors will be listed in the official House record & welcome book for pilgrims, and will also include the small print with the official Sello (stamp) when it is has been created. Please make sure to include a mailing address.

To allow for plenty of time to set your date for your journey, the rooms, mentoring and quests may be used up until December 1, 2020. But, would love to see you sooner. Booking should also be as soon in advance if possible to make sure you have your room available.